Simulated Emergency Test

This year’s Simulated Emergency Test will coincide with a celestial phenomenon: a solar eclipse!
Simulated Emergency Test (SET) 2023 immediate release: This year’s Simulated Emergency Test will coincide with a celestial phenomenon: a solar eclipse!
Operation Dark Skies:
Part 1 October 14 | Part 2 October 16  The Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is a Canada-wide exercise in emergency communications, which is administered by Radio Amateurs of Canada’s Community Services Officer and Section Managers. This year’s event is known as “Operation Dark Skies” and will be held in two parts as described below. Operation Dark Skies: Part 1 – Saturday, October 14. The Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be conducted in conjunction with actual events. Part 1 will be held on October 14 and will last for five hours, including the eclipse.

The objective is to gather information on Amateur operations before, during and after the event. All data will be reviewed for future planning of emergency events.

Radio Amateurs of Canada is looking to engage as many operators as possible and utilize all bands and modes.

CanWarn-trained individuals can also give up-to-date local weather reports and visual observations during the event. Reports will be sent to [email protected] or on Winlink to AUXC-CAN.

Participants must sign up at [email protected] to be included in the online briefing which will be held on September 22 at 7 pm Eastern.

For more information on the solar eclipse visit:

Operation Dark Skies: Part 2 – Monday, October 16
Part 2 of the Simulated Emergency Test will be held on Monday, October 16  in partnership with Niagara Regional Emergency Management and the Niagara’s Community Emergency Response Team.

Full-scale deployment Exercise Dark Skies is part of the Niagara Regional preparedness for the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse.

This exercise will have multiple roles for Certified Emergency Response Training (CERT) and the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) such as Field/site deployment including staging areas and demonstrations of field communicationsAuxComm Support at Regional Emergency Operation CentreSupport within Regional and Municipal Operations
Radio Amateurs of Canada is looking for three teams to set up staging areas for the SET and teams that are willing to deploy for both operational and demonstration purposes for Emergency Management officials. Team 1: Staging Area in the Burlington area; a 5-person team Team 2: Staging Area in the North Toronto/Orangeville area; a 5-person team Team 3: Northern Ontario field deployment for Provincial communications. More information will be announced at the September 23 meeting.
More details will be available at the training sessions which will be held on September 22, 23 and 25 at 7 pm Eastern. Please contact [email protected] to register.

Note: SET Reporting will not be done this year so please attend the training sessions for more information on the reporting procedures.

Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT
RAC Community Services Officer
RAC Bulletin

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