RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for November 4, 2023

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for November 4, 2023

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada
with this week’s bulletin.


1.  the Nov-Dec 2023 issue of The Canadian Amateur is now available

The digital version of TCA is now available for viewing or download.
The paper version is now at the printer.
To download your copy please visit:
— rac website

2. Amateur Radio Operators Provide Post-Hurricane Communications in Mexico

Radio Amateurs are providing communication services to and from the affected
areas in and around Acapulco, Mexico.
On the morning of Wednesday, October 25, 165 mile-per-hour winds from
Hurricane Otis knocked out all communications and unleashed a nightmare
scenario in Acapulco.  The area is home to roughly 800,000 people.

Some hams in the Acapulco area are operating their equipment on battery power,
while others have access to generators. Accessing many areas in the region
has been a challenge due to the amount of debris blocking travel.

Hams are also helping in other areas, including:
– Repairing a damaged repeater on Altzomoni at the Izta-Popo Zoquiapan National
    Park to support communication efforts in certain areas of Guerrero.
– Deploying donations from a ham in Arizona, including a UHF repeater, solar
    panels, and 50 handhelds, to the affected areas.
– Getting the state agency’s mobile stations back on the air and reinstalling
    the HF antennas that were damaged.

Emergency Communications Coordinator Carlos Alberto Santamaría González,
CO2JC, requested frequency protection for the following bands and frequencies
for the duration of the emergency:
80-meter band: 3690 kHz
40-meter band: 7060 and 7095 kHz
20-meter band: 14.120 kHz

— arrl news



3. Canada’s 84-year radio time check has stopped because of accuracy
concerns.  “The beginning of the long dash indicates exactly 1 o’clock
Eastern daylight time.”

Millions of Canadians grew accustomed to hearing a version of this daily
affirmation on CBC Radio One. The National Research Council Time Signal,
and the series of 800 Hz pipsthat preceded and followed the time-setting
dash, worked its way into everyday rituals. Human listeners, automated
radio receivers at railways, shipping firms, and other entities, could
set their mechanical clocks to it. That is why it started broadcasting
on November 5, 1939, the same year Canada entered World War II.

The long dash’s last broadcast was, somewhat unexpectedly, October 9, 2023.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the NRC have cited accuracy as
the reason the 84-year ritual was halted. The CBC told its reporters that
because the CBC is now heard over satellite and Internet connections,
not just terrestrial radio, there are delays when people hear it. A
spokesperson acknowledged Canadians fondness for the daily ritual but
said it “can no longer ensure that the time announcement can be accurate.”

— Read more — Ars Technica: https://bit.ly/3S5FHTI

4. Jamboree on the Air – BC Scouts connect across the world.

More than 100 Scouts from across B.C. came together to take part in the
annual Jamboree on the Air near Kelowna, an event that connects Scouts
across the world.

“The third weekend of October for the past 64 years has been called Jamboree
on the Air, and originally, its Ham radio operators get together with Scouts
and connect with Scouts all around the world,” said Paul Meise, Group Commissioner
of 1st Bear Scouts. We’re in our 12th year at this site, and
its only gotten bigger.”

The event, hosted at the Joe Rich Shooting Range near Kelowna, features a variety
of different stations where Scouts can participate in activities
like black powder shooting, archery, crafting, and learn how to use Ham
radios and Morse code.

Scouts also used online chat rooms, to connect with other Scouts from as far
away as Portugal.

According to Scouts Canada, thousands of stations in over 70 countries take
part in this event each year.

— RAC website

This concludes this week’s bulletin.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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