RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for March 02, 2024

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for March 02, 2024

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada with this week’s bulletin.


1.    March-April 2024 eTCA is now available

Welcome to the March-April 2024 issue of The Canadian Amateur.
The digital (eTCA) version of the March-April 2024 TCA is now available for viewing or download.
The paper version is now at the printer.
To download your copy please visit: https://www.rac.ca/digitaltca/

— Alan Griffin, RAC Marcom Director

2.   Special Event Celebrating Dominican Republic Independence

From February 27 to April 30, 2024, the HI180RD Special Event Station will be activated,
with the participation of Radio Amateurs from five clubs. With more than 25 Radio Amateurs
participating, the initiative seeks to project the Dominican Republic to the world through the
airwaves, sharing the patriotic spirit and rich culture of the country.
The Special Event Station will issue electronic certificates, available in seven languages, to
each international Amateur Radio station that makes contact during this period.
Special Event Stations are authorized by INDOTEL to Amateur Radio clubs, to carry out
activities commemorating historical dates or for competitive events in Amateur Radio.
“Hotel-India-One-Eight-Zero-Radio-Delta” calling CQ!
For more information visit:   HI180RD – INDEPENDENCIA 2024
— RAC website



3.  AO-73 to Temporarily Pause Transponder Operations

After a good period of transponder activity FUNcube batteries need a short rest. We plan
to switch the transponder OFF between March 3rd to 15th subject to operational conditions.
The satellite will be placed Safe mode and will still provide low power telemetry
First launched in 2013, AO-73 (FUNcube-1) is a popular satellite among amateur radio
operators taking advantage of its VHF to UHF transponder. The satellite also transmits
telemetry data which is used as an educational component in schools.
— AMSAT weekly bulletins

4.  Bob Heil, K9EID, Silent Key

The man who defined the sound of live rock ‘n’ roll music and brought audio engineering
principals into mainstream amateur radio use, Dr. Bob Heil, K9EID, has passed away at
the age of 83. A Facebook post from Heil Ham Radio paid tribute “Bob fought a valiant,
yearlong battle with cancer, and passed peacefully surrounded by his family.”

Heil founded Heil Sound in 1966, through which he created the template for modern concert
sound systems for musicians like the Grateful Dead, The Who, Joe Walsh, and Peter Frampton.

Parallel to his commercial and artistic success in live music, was his passion for amateur radio.
He was active in ham radio from a young age and merged his expertise in audio engineering
with his love for radio. Heil Ham Radio was founded to produce microphones, headsets, and
other gear for radio amateurs with an emphasis on high-quality audio.

— arrl news

This concludes this week’s bulletin.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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