RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for December 30, 2023

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for December 30, 2023

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada with this week’s bulletin.



 1.  ONTARS 52nd Anniversary – Monday Jan 08, 2024

Just a reminder of the anniversary event. Controllers will work half hour shifts from
07:00 to 18:00 Local time. Check in when you can on 3755kHz to help celebrate the
Information at   https://www.ontars.com/52nd/ann52.php
— ONTARS website


2.    KPH Over the Air Cryptographic Challenge

On January 20 2024, KPH will transmit a coded message consisting of 5-digit groups.
The message will be encrypted using typical Cold War numbers station cryptographic
procedures. All KPH listeners are invited to try their hand at receiving and decrypting
the message. Certificates will be awarded to those who successful decode the message.
Additionally, a special certificate will be awarded to the first person to decode it.

Broadcast frequencies for January 20, 2024 starting 2100 UTC:
CW: 425.0, 6477.5, 8642.0, 12808.5, 17016.8, and 22477.5
RTTY: Following the CW transmission: 6324.5, 8427.0 and 12585.5

Additional details and rules can be found on the Maritime Radio Historical Society
(MRHS) website.      https://www.radiomarine.org/mrhs-events

— Maritime Radio Historical Society

3.   VOTA: Badges on the Air – December 31, 2023

Join all of ARRL volunteers on December 31, 2023, from 0000 – 2359 UTC, for the last
day of the yearlong Volunteers On the Air (VOTA) operating event for your final chance to
get some VOTA points. Last week’s Red Badges on the Air for VOTA was a hit, and ARRL
wants to do one final push to cap off the year of operating that acknowledged and honored
the service of volunteers to the amateur radio community.

There are no more W1AW/ portable operations scheduled for the year, but operators at ARRL
Headquarters have the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station active on weekdays, so there is
still a chance to earn 100 points per band-mode for contacting ham radio’s most famous call sign.
Plus, listen for W1AW during VOTA: Badges on the Air, as it will be active in the event. Remember
to download your certificate after the event is over at https://vota.arrl.org/certificates.php

The VOTA leaderboard is quite impressive. See the top scores on the VOTA web page
at    https://vota.arrl.org/leaderboard.php
— arrl website

4.   ARRL Straight Key Night 2024

ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® Straight Key Night (SKN) is held on
January 1, 2024, from 0000 UTC through 2359 UTC.

Many hams look forward to SKN as one of the highlights of their operating year.
Operators participate using Morse code (CW). All you need is your favorite straight key or bug.
Many participants dust off vintage radios and keys and put them back into service each year
just for this event.
SKN is not a contest, so there’s no need for quick exchanges. However, all hand keys, regardless
of age, are welcome. The number of contacts you make is not important. The reward is meeting
new friends as you get together on the air.
Send a list of stations contacted, SKN stories and photos, and your votes for Best Fist and Most
Interesting QSO to [email protected] by January 31, 2024.
More information is available at www.arrl.org/straight-key-night
— arrl news

Happy New Year everyone, all the best in 2024.
This concludes this week’s bulletin.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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