RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Dec 2, 2023

RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Dec 2, 2023

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada with this week’s bulletin.


1.  RAC Volunteer Team Opportunities

RAC continues to provide many programs and services to its members and strives to adapt
to meet today’s requirements, but we need your help to do so. Please take a look
at the following opportunities and consider joining the RAC Volunteer Team.

1) Membership Committee Chairperson and Members
The committee plays a crucial role within RAC and is essential for its growth, stability and success.
It focuses on attracting and retaining members, developing and updating policies, engaging with
members, identifying new valuable benefits, and ensuring that
the organization operates fairly and ethically.

The leadership role requires a commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per week.
The committee members approximately 5-8 hours per month.

2) RAC HQ Refurbishment Committee Roles
The committee plays a crucial role within RAC. It focuses on carrying out a significant 30-year
refurbishment of RAC’s headquarters’ facilities in collaboration with the
building owner and construction trades. It also assists with revitalizing RAC
headquarters’ Amateur Radio capability.

The leadership role requires a commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per week. The committee
members require approximately 5 hours per month.

If interested, in either committee please contact Craig Delmage, VE3OP, Director
at [email protected]  for more information.

— full article on the RAC website



2.   ONTARS 52 anniversary coming up

07:00 to 18:00 Eastern Time, Monday January 8th 2024
If you would like to book a half-hour as net control, contact Barry VE3ISX.
Thanks to Richard VE3OZW our Assistant Net Manager for his help in the
preparations. Last year, we had  777 Checkins over the 11 hour period..

— Ontars.com Website

3.  FOSDEM Seeks Amateur Radio Related Presentations

The Free and Open Source Developer’s Meeting (FOSDEM) is calling for
amateur radio related presentations. FOSDEM 2024 will take place in Brussels
February 3 – 4, 2024  featuring a track on FOSS-powered radio.
Recommended topics include:
New SDR-based developments in ham radio modes
Amateur radio operator software tooling
Free / Open radio hardware
Entertaining wireless hacks
SDR & ham radio in mass and higher education
a planning guide to the meeting to be published shortly.

4.    December is YOTA Month!

Youth-operated stations around the world are part of a special event celebrating
Youth in Amateur Radio (aka YOTA or Youth on the Air) during December.

Amateur Radio operators age 25 and younger will be on the air as special event
stations around the world throughout December. YOTA Month stations will
be on all bands and modes at various times.

 In Canada the special call signs will be VE3YOUTH, VE2YOTA and VA7YOTA.
In the United States the call signs will once again be K8Y, K8O, K8T and K8A.
Argentina will be active as LR1YOTA.
El Salvador will be active as YS1YOTA.

Last year, young Amateurs worldwide surpassed their goal of 100,000 QSOs in
the month of December with a final tally of 107,845.
Youth On The Air: http://youthontheair.org/
YOTA Month: http://events.ham-yota.com/
— full article on the RAC website

This concludes this week’s bulletin.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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