RAC Bulletin for Sept 3, 2022

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada
with this week’s bulletin.


1.   Membership Payments Update: August 23/22

We are unable to process payments via PayPal
We are currently experiencing issues with our PayPal online payment systems. Credit card transactions
are available while we work to resolve this issue. We are able to accept an e-transfer and would
appreciate it if you would contact the RAC Office if you would like to do so.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.
RAC Office: 613-244-4367 or 877-273-8304 from 10 am to 4 pm EST/EDT, Monday through
Friday (except statutory holidays).
— RAC Website

2. RAC Canada Conference Sunday Sept 18/2022 @ 12:00 noon EDT.
    Followed by the 2022 AGM at 4:00 pm EDT.

Conference topics include:
Fireside Chat with leaders of IARU, RAC, RSGB, and ARRL
Attracting and Retaining New Amateurs
Emergency / Disaster / Community Services
RAC Regulatory Accomplishments and Initiatives
Countdown to WRC 2023
Changes to the RAC Contest Structure
Satellites / SOTA / Six metres and down
— see the RAC Website for sign up info


3. Amateur Radio Operators are vital unsung heroes (Manitoulin Expositor -July 20th)

Allan Boyd, VE3AJB submitted article to TCA by saying:
“Here is an article that our local newspaper put in about Amateur Radio operators. It never hurts to let
Amateurs know that their help is sometimes not acknowledged but is appreciated. Here on Manitoulin,
we have a very active radio club known as the Manitoulin Island Amateur Radio Club We have almost
100 members covering an area about the size of Prince Edward Island.
We are very active in community activities including parades, walk-a-thons, picnics, Field Day and ACS
events for Emergency Communications.
We have been established since 1988 and have had excellent members over the years and have become
a name in the community. I have made sure that the club is in the media and recognition is given to all
Amateurs. Just recently after two years of the pandemic like most clubs we run a weekly Zoom get-together
that keeps members connected.
We have our own website www.ve3rmi.org along with our own Facebook and YouTube page for social
media. This year we had a return to our annual picnic get-together to return to face to face. The local media
picked up on it and wrote this article. I would like to share this story to all Amateurs across Canada.”
The “Manitoulin Expositor” deserves to have it seen on their site so you can thank them!
For more examples of “vital unsung heroes” read the pages of The Canadian Amateur magazine and attend
the upcoming RAC Canada Conference and Annual General Meeting on Sunday, September 18. Please see
page 1 for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!
— RAC website


4.  The September-October 2022 SARC Communicator

We’re back with 130+ pages of projects, news, views and reviews…
‘The Communicator’ digital periodical of Surrey Amateur Radio Communications is now available for viewing
or download at https://ve7sar.blogspot.com/2022/08/the-september-october-2022-sarc.html
Read in over 145 countries now, we bring you Amateur Radio news from the South West corner of Canada
and elsewhere. With less fluff and ads than other Amateur Radio publications, you will find Amateur Radio related articles, projects, profiles, news, tips and how-to’s for all levels of the hobby.
This month two new columnists, The SEPAR Cruise-In, Daniel’s Workbench with several projects, refurbishing
the MFJ CW oscillator, home-built antennas and much more.
Previous Communicator issues are at https://ve7sar.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Communicator
— Southgate News

This concludes this week’s bulletin.
Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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