RAC Bulletin for July 23, 2022

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1. RAC Grants Available:  Deadline: November 30

Through the RAC Foundation, Radio Amateurs of Canada provides grants and
scholarships to worthy community programs and to young Canadian Amateurs
who are studying at the post-secondary level. RAC offers four categories for
donor designation and grant applications.
Scholastic grants: Scholarships and bursaries for Radio Amateurs (must be a
certified Amateur at time of the grant application) for full-time attendance at
an educational institution such as a university or community college
Research grants:  Research or development must be related to furtherance of
Amateur Radio technology
Community grants: Grants for Amateur Radio equipment or courses relating to
schools, community, seniors, youth or disabled homes or centres, for the benefit
of these specific items or for the surrounding community
Emergency grants: Grants for Amateur Radio equipment or courses relating to
emergency communications, Search and Rescue communications and related
public service communications
All grant applications should be submitted to the RAC Foundation for processing
and recommendation.
Further detailed information is also available at: http://wp.rac.ca/grant-information/
—  RAC Scholarship Chair Al Eros, VE4ZB

2. Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club 2022 Hamfest

Sponsor: Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club
Date: Saturday, August 13, 2022
Location: McDougall Recreation Center, 148 Hammel Ave, NOBEL, ON P2A 2W9
Times: *** Vendors 7am ***  Public 9am ***
Cost: General Admission **Free**
Talk-in frequency: VE3RPL 2 METER VHF 145.490MHz (-600Khz) PL tone 156.7Hz
Description: The Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club is happy to announce the
PSARC 2022 Hamfest. After a brief hiatus for the past 2 years due to the current
pandemic, We are very pleased to welcome you back for the 2022 season.

This Year we have decided to only use the rink surface for vender tables.
No sidewalk tables allowed.
Vendor Costing Info Indoor Only 1st Table $15 2nd and more $10 Each.
Supply your own table(s) $12 Each Spot
Tailgating can be done this year but will be limited to 6 parking spots,
It will be on a first come serve basis. – Per Tailgate Parking spot $15
For more info: Please Check Hamfest Webpage for more information as
Date Gets Closer We will be updating it with new information when we get it.
Email contact: [email protected] Webpage: https://hamfest.ve3rpl.com


3  Electrical engineers on brink of extinction

Rupert Goodwins GM6HVY writes on The Register that electrical engineers are
on the brink of extinction threatening the entire tech ecosystem

While computer science course take-up had gone up by over 90 percent in the
past 50 years, electrical engineering (EE) had declined by the same amount. The
electronics graduate has become rarer than an Intel-based smartphone.

That part of the technology industry which makes actual things has always been
divided between hardies and softies, soldering iron versus compiler, oscilloscope
versus debugger. But the balance is lost. Something is very wrong at the heart of our
technology creation supply chain. Where have all the hardies gone?

— Read his article at https://www.theregister.com/2022/

4. Interference causes EV makers to drop AM radio
Radio World reports some EV automakers are dropping AM altogether due to
audio quality concerns, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle as radio continues
to fight for space on the dash.

“As carmakers increase electric vehicle offerings throughout their lineups, the
availability of AM radio to consumers is declining,”  “This is because the effects
of electromagnetic interference are more pronounced in EVs than in vehicles
with internal-combustion engines.”

In other words, electromagnetic frequencies generated by EV motors occupy the
same wavelength as AM radio signals. As EV motors grow more powerful,
AM static tends to increase.

— Read the full story at

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